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Luxurious by Nature

Welcome to The Rams Head Inn, where the spirit of nature meets the comfort of luxury. We extend a warm invitation to join us and immerse yourself in an environment that not only pampers but also preserves and protects.

Integrating Luxury With Sustainability

At The Rams Head Inn, our commitment to sustainability is woven into the premier experiences we offer each guest. Eco-friendly practices are more than just a choice to us; they’re a way of life.

From the honey bees in our apiary to the lush, organic gardens we carefully tend, every corner of our grounds reflects our dedication to preserving the natural beauty of our surroundings.

From Honey Bee to Jar: Our Apiary

Learn about the sweet journey from flower to jar in our thriving apiary. Guests are invited to don bee suits and delve into the world of beekeeping under the guidance of our expert apiarists. What better souvenir of your stay, than a jar of delicious honey you harvested yourself?

The bees play a vital role in our gardens, from pollinating our plants and produce, to contributing to the overall health of the ecosystem. By engaging with them during the beekeeping experience, you help support our biodiversity and sustainability efforts.

Organic Produce at Rams Head Inn

Step into our beautiful organic gardens and observe our sustainable gardening practices at play. Using seaweed mulch and other natural methods, we nurture a variety of fruits and vegetables that feature prominently in our seasonal menus.

We invite you to taste the difference in freshness and quality when you dine at our restaurant. Our menu is filled with options that will both delight the palate and support sustainable local agriculture.

Marvel at Our Southdown Babydoll Sheep

Say hi to our special workers, Mary, George (our handsome brown baby ram), and Sweet Caroline (our smallest sheep)! These adorable Southdown Babydoll sheep are more than just cute faces—they’re our hardworking lawn-mowing crew.

They much prefer munching on green grass to a noisy gas mower. In return, our sheep provide us with natural fertilizer for our beautiful flower beds. It’s a win-win for the environment and a delight for our guests, who love seeing these charming animals.



Sweet Caroline

Southdown Babydolls are a heritage breed known for their incredibly soft fleece, defined as cashmere. In delightful synergy, we sell cozy, luxurious cashmere products made from fleeces sourced from other Southdown sheep farms. Stay warm in winter and cool in the summer: we sell summer and winter cashmere products.

Green Luxury Redefined:
See Our Commitment in Action

The unique blend of luxury and nature is a defining feature of our establishment. We are dedicated to ensuring that the beauty of our natural environment can be enjoyed by future generations. We invite you to join us and experience eco-friendly luxury firsthand at The Rams Head Inn, where every stay makes a positive impact.

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