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A Welcoming Hotel Bar An Hour From Southampton, NYC

A visit to the Hamptons isn’t complete without a visit to Southampton, one of the most iconic towns in the area. This small town is a local favorite for its beautiful beaches, shopping choices, and art and historical excursions. There are also ample Southampton hotels to choose from, including budget-friendly chains all the way to four-star luxury, but none can match The Rams Head Inn’s historic charm.

Just an hour’s drive away, the Inn is a great destination and an excellent base for exploring Southampton, from the charming antique stores to the fascinating art galleries. There are also plenty of activities to keep you busy during your stay. However you choose to spend your day, finish off with a glass of wine, specialty cocktail, or beer at our stylish in-house bar. Whether you are joining us for an event, a vacation, or dinner, make the night memorable with a visit to The Rams Head Inn bar.

An aerial view of Shelter Island in New York.
A delicious dish served at the Rams Head Inn bar in Shelter Island.
Guests enjoying delightful drinks at the vibrant Rams Head Inn bar in Shelter Island, NY.

Vibrant Bar Near Southampton

Like the refined yet relaxed atmosphere of the hotel, everything from the decor to the wine list has been carefully curated to make you feel like you’re living your best life. The bar decor is contemporary but charming, hearkening back to a more genteel age with subtle touches like the burnished wooden bar.

This isn’t just any old Southampton bar. There are also frequent live music evenings – bringing a little extra jazzy sophistication to the evening. Relax, enjoy your drinks, and let the music and conversation flow.

A skillful bartender crafting a drink at the Rams Head Inn bar in Shelter Island, New York.

Let Our Talented Bartenders Guide the Way

The carved wooden bar evokes the Inn’s long history, but our drinks menu is anything but outdated. Our experienced team of bartenders will be your guide through our extensive bar menu, helping you pick the perfect drink for the evening.

Order some wine by the glass, or indulge in some bubbly. Our wine selection has been designed to please every palate – why not try our fruity Pinot Noir or, for something dryer, a glass of our Chardonnay? We also offer sweet wines, like our Moscato d’Asti, and red and white half bottles.

For those who prefer a beer, we’ve got you covered. Take the opportunity to sample a local brew while you’re here, like the Greenport Harbor Ale, an American-style pale ale with notes of lemon zest and the gentle flavors of citrus and marmalade. Or how about something imported? The Duvel Belgian Original always goes down well with its fruity, dry aroma and slightly bitter aftertaste.

If you’re settling in for a night’s entertainment, add a touch of class and color with our specialty cocktails. Go a little spicy with our Hot Tropic Fizz, or take it easy with our Cosway Views – the choice is yours. Take the opportunity to try something you won’t find in any Southampton bars. Craving the classics? Our talented bartenders will whip up your favorite with some flair.

Fine wine served at the luxurious Rams Head Inn on Shelter Island.

Happy Hour Specials

Get a little extra happy with us every Friday from 3-5 p.m.! Forget the bars in Southampton; our Happy Hour specials will keep the drinks flowing as the sun sets without breaking the bank. 

It’s the perfect time to gather with friends to catch up and connect over cocktails. Start your evening on the right foot, whether you’re headed elsewhere or joining us for dinner. Take in the beautiful view from the bar as you enjoy our $14 specialty rum drinks, $12 margaritas, and $6 beers, and speak to our bar team for more specials on drinks and appetizers. At those prices, you don’t need a reason to come and celebrate at The Rams Head Inn bar.

Perfect Food Match-Ups

Whether you’re staying at a Southampton hotel or at the Inn, our bar is the perfect place to spend your evening. When you’re ready to eat, our staff will guide you through the menu to perfectly complement your drink of choice. Enjoy a Grilled Skirt Steak with your red wine, or pair your beer with our Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken.

Whatever you choose to eat, our dining room and bar staff will work together to ensure that you have a top-quality dinner experience in the laid-back comfort of the bar. Guest or visitor, enjoy the warm hospitality of The Rams Head Inn and savor an evening to remember.